Second graders jumping through hula hoops.

Montana slated for billions in federal aid, forcing deadline on legislature

The Treasure State, its counties, cities and towns will be getting some assistance from the federal government to help cover the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.Montana’s reported share of the recently passed American Rescue Plan Act will be an estimated $1.37 billion. That is the same as South Dakota ($1.37 billion), but slightly more than North Dakota ($1.36 billion). […]

Opinion: In session

This is a bit of a catch- up issue since I was loafing during the transmittal break.We were in session March 1-2, before a five day break. I enjoyed getting home and was also able to meet with a good group in Jordan, as well as Circle, while there.The overriding concern among citizens, whether in these meetings or other modes […]

Baker School Menu

BreakfastMonday: Donut, egg, fruit, milkTuesday: Waffle, bacon, fruit, milkWednesday: Oatmeal cup, sausage, fruit, milkThursday: Muffin, yogurt, fruit, milkFriday: No SchoolLunchMonday: Wow sandwich, veggie, fruit, milkTuesday: Spartan taco, lettuce, fruit, milkWednesday: Hot dog wrap, beans, yogurt, fruit, milkThursday: Chicken nuggets, gems, bun, fruit, milkFriday: No School

Is Baker on the map?

Focusing on a couple main attractions through marketing and advertising will help put Baker on the map as a tourism destination in eastern Montana.The community could benefit greatly from the revenue tourism could bring in.Baker is a great place to visit with many things to offer and finding out what attracts tourists is the key to successfully marketing the community […]

Student Council celebrates National Popcorn Day

On March 12, the Student Council generously gave out popcorn to the Middle and High school students.National Popcorn Day has always just been a day that was acknowledged in a “did you know what today is,” type of manner.But this year, the Baker High School Student Council decided to recognize this national day.Thursday after school, several members of the Council […]

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