Willard Homemakers

The April meeting was held on April 11, at the home of Terry Bruha. President Jeannie Tron­stad called the meeting to or­der. Roll call was what you did for Easter. Members attending were Jeannie Tronstad, Molly Barkley, Kendal Polatas, Lola Fried and Terry Bruha.

Terry also mentioned that to­day was National 8-Track Tape Day. How many remember using them? Fun stories were shared.

Members signed Get Well and Birthday cards for Lola to send to members and their families for the month of April.

Old business was discussed pertaining to our bank accounts

Jeannie and Terry reported that their Veteran quilts are near being completed for our Veteran presentations in November.

We will be getting informa­tion about Spring Council some­time this month.

The meeting was adjourned.

Terry served chicken grape salad croissants, ribbon salad, and Easter deviled eggs. Fol­lowing the lunch, Molly Barkley gave an overview on Barkley’s Homegrown Greenhouse. They have learned so much in getting it up and running this past year. Molly stated that they still have much to learn, but are happy with all of the produce that her family has been able to enjoy all winter long, as well as sharing with the community.

The May meeting will be host­ed by Jeannie on May 9, with time and place to be determined later.

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