The following students were chosen as “Spartan of the Month” for April/May. All students were chosen by their teachers for por­traying admirable qualities as Baker Spartans.

Blair Rieger

“Blair is a great classmate and schoolmate. She is kind, has patience, and is always willing to help. Blair brings joy to our class.” – Mrs. Tunby

Rick Enos

“Rick is always listening and following directions. He is a hard worker and tries his very best! Great Job Rick!” – Mrs. Varner

Cadence Brown

“Cadence is a wonderful vol­unteer. She helps everyone in need. She always completes ev­ery task assigned, never com­plains, and comes to school ready to learn. She knows that everything she does speaks. She is a great leader in demon­strating that we need to have experience before labels.” – Mrs. Johnson

Cayson Crawford

“He stood up for another student in a dangerous situa­tion. Cayson gets his work done ahead of time when he is go­ing to be gone and is persistent about completing and turning in work.” – Mrs. Benter



Kloe Ehret

“Kloe is kind and compas­sionate. She helps teachers in the school with whatever tasks they may need done. She takes initiative to keep her classroom and school clean and organized. I appreciate her kindness to­wards students and staff, she truly shows her appreciation to staff by making them gifts and cards. She is an incredibly talented and well rounded stu­dent.” – Mrs. Benter

Kysen Jackson

“He is always kind and al­ways asking if he can help do anything!” “Picks up trash in the halls and will ask how your day is when you see him.”

Spartans of the Month April/ May Elementary Schools: Lin­coln – Blair Rieger was cho­sen by Mrs. Tunby, Rick Enos was chosen by Mrs. Varner. Longfellow – Cadence Brown was chosen by Mrs. Johnson, Cayson Crawford was chosen by Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Benter, Kloe Ehret was chosen by Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Benter, Kysen Jackson was chosen.









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