Spartan golf team kicks off a busy season

The Baker golf team has quickly added numerous competitions to the mix after many expected weeks of difficult weather at the start of their season. The Spartans first traveled to Colstrip on April 15. At this meet, Rory Lingle received a score of 97, Bryant O’Connor golfed a 105, Walker Hadley had a 105 as well, Hallie Flint added a 112 and Austin Gaub earned a 122. Next, the golfers headed to Forsyth on April 18. Here, Rory Lingle swung a score of 93, Walker Hadley finished with a 94, Hallie Flint earned a 95, Bryant O’Connor received a 99 and Austin Gaub added a 122. Lastly, the team traveled to Broadus on April 22. Leading scorer included Rory Lingle again with a finish of 93, Walker Hadley was close behind with a 99, Bryant O’Connor earned a 101, Hallie Flint added a 106 and Austin Gaub earned a 112 for this meet. Spartan golfers continue to improve their game and conquer the random Montana spring weather as they work through their 2023 season.

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