North Camp Crook News

May 7 - May 13, 2023

“Prayer has been an­swered! Rain poured down this week all over the county. We are blessed. Of course that shut down the gravel hauling, but no one seemed too distraught as it had been powder dry be- fore that.It also shut down any farming/seeding for those of us who are still trying to get that done. Some neighbors did get done before this mar­velous rain. Such a blessing!

Grass is greening up. It is fun to listen to the rain. It’s kind of like a lullaby.

But the neighborhood has not been sleeping!!

Kayla Spickelmier ran er- rands in Rapid City, Tues­day. She attended the LWOW busi- ness meeting, Thursday after- noon. Kayla’s friend, Kari Bar- ton, and her girls were here for the weekend. Kayla said that they all had enjoyed the rain all week!

Joe and Cindy Paint­er went to Rapid City, Wednesday, for parts. Satur­day they vis- ited their moms and got more parts. Tis the season!

After church last Sunday, Darwin and Kay Latham vis- ited Shirley in Belle Fourche. The next day, Darwin and John went to Fort Pierre for Joy’s Spring Concert. Kay and Jason attended Buf­falo’s spring program and Kinder- garten graduation that same evening! Friday, Kay took Jay- don and Jarrett to Bowman to the dentist.

Dean and Mary Tarter made” “a parts run, Thurs­day, to Belle Fourche. Mary went the next day to Bow­man to pick up their meat. Unfortunately the butcher shop was closed, so she end­ed up not getting the meat. That will be another trip to Bowman.

Kaitlyn Sandland and her friend Teigen came out for Nelsons’ scheduled brand- ing, Saturday, but it was post- poned due to the rain. Much of the branding crew gathered in the garage at Nelsons’ to enjoy the abundance of food prepared and to play some card games. They had a good time regardless of the wet conditions. Susan said she had gotten some lawn seeding done and grass mowed before the rain.

Cheryl and Ron Tur­biv ille hosted the baby shower last Saturday for Callie and Ty Jurgenson, who are ex- pecting a baby. Brayden was home, also, for the shower. Cheryl’s niece, Lexi Lassle, and Cheryl’s great nephew, Rylan, came for the occasion as well. It was a beautiful day. What a wonderful celebration and large gathering it turned out to be. Callie received lots of motherly advice as well as lovely gifts! Cheryl said she” “was thankful to all the friends, family and neighbors who at- tended!

Track and brandings kept Matt and Carmen Gilbert busy Monday and Tuesday. The next day they ran er­rands in the Hills and came back for Phyllis’ birthday supper that evening. After that they at- tended the academic awards ceremony at the school. Gage’s Thursday track meet was can- celled. Friday morning. Dean and Shirley Meyer, Will and Jen Meyer and their children, Matt, Carmen and Gage all zipped to Laramie for Gracy’s pinning ceremony and gradu- ation weekend. Gracy is duly graduated from the University of Wyoming!

Mark Holsti brought a fire truck up for the season, Tues- day. He had lunch with John and Kay Ovitz. Becky came down for lunch, also. They all enjoyed the lamb dinner. Thursday, Jesse, Kim and Kash Bail helped John and Kay move their cows out to the east pas- ture. Bails stayed for breakfast once they got the cows moved. Becky and Cathy found a new calf for John and Kay after they were moved. The girls tagged the calf for them. John and Kay had lunch at the se­nior center,”

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