10 YEARS AGO Friday, November 22, 2013 —

Baker Spartans will host Missoula Loyola in the state championship football game, Nov. 23. The top ranked Mis­soula Loyola team haven’t lost a game in two seasons . . .The Red River Bistro Restaurant is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant is lo­cated in the new Red River Inn & Suites Mo­tel. . .Baker High School class of 2016 won the annual Food Drive. They collected 1,626 items. All food items collected will be donated to the Fallon County Community Cupboard. All together all classes in grades 7-12 collected 2,641 items. . .Evan Morris, a 2008 graduate of Baker High School, is on the Rocky Mountain College foot­ball team. The team is headed to Sioux City, IA, for their first playoff game since 1999. . .The Wild Game Feed held Nov. 16 was a huge suc­cess. Wild game cuisine was served to approxi­mately 500 attendees.

20 YEARS AGO Friday, November 21, 2003 —

Headline: Spartans rise above them ALL. 2003 State Class B Champions – “The Beast From the East”. Nov. 15 the Baker Spartans hosted the defending champion Fort Ben­ton Longhorns for 2003 brag­ging rights in Class B football. Baker defeated them 12-0. . .It is reported that the first an­nual Fantasy Food Fair was very successful. Approximately 180 people attended the event which featured three wine tast­ing tables and ten food tables. The silent auction garnered $1,760 for the FMC Founda­tion. Encore Operating also presented FMC Foundation a check for $10,000. Mary Setinc did a chalk quick draw of an elk which was auctioned off for $500. Lori Nicks was a featured pianist throughout the evening. . .For many years Heiser’s Bar has provided a free Thanksgiv­ing dinner for everyone in the community. Kelly and Angela Heiser, new owners of Heiser’s Bar, are going to continue the tradition. . .Lawler Drug’s 22nd annual Open House will be held Nov. 28-29. . .Baker High School students held their an­nual food drive for the 12th consecutive year. The sopho­mores were the winning class and they collected 839 items for the food drive. . .Picture: Matt Orcutt and his dad Don are kneeling beside their 6×5 and 5×5 whitetail bucks they bagged south of Baker.

30 YEARS AGO Thursday, November 25, 1993 —

The construction on the base­ment of Fallon Medical Com­plex is very near completion and they are moving in. Accord­ing to Jeannie Hocking, Hos­pital Administrator, the new basement addition includes a lobby area and office space for the hospital record depart­ment, Dr. Jan Hrdlicka the an­esthesiologist, Dr. Gary Hocker and his dental clinic; and the administrative office. . .A posi­tion on the Baker City Coun­cil was determined by a flip of the coin at a meeting Nov. 16.

The coin flip was an unbiased means of settling an exact tie in the number of votes received by alderman Ward I candidates Rod Morris and Duane Brock­el in the Nov. 2 election. Rod Morris was named to the City Council and will begin serving in January. . .Dolly and J.R. Kinsey are the Seniors Into

View this week. . .Pictured are Boy Scouts Phillip Randash, Josh Breitbach, Jason Lossing, Juan Mo­lina, Matt Breitbach, Allen Varner, Clark Curry, Allan Barth, Richard Lund­gren, Barry Varner, Tom Birrer, Neal Hanley, Michael Klang, Justin Madler, Matt Klang and Guy Bruha with a sponsor flag the Plains­men Search & Rescue pre­sented to them to symbol­ize the sponsorship they have given to the Scouts. . .Jonathan Neumann was re­cently promoted to the rank of Captain of Infantry. His par­ents, Bob and Mikell Neumann of Baker, traveled to Columbus, GA for the ceremony so Jon’s father could do the barpinning honors.

40 YEARS AGO Thursday, November 24, 1983 —

After eight years in the pres­ent courthouse building, our jail has been considered ob­solete and a remodeling and changing plan has been imple­mented.

. .Annual Pinewood Derby held and overall winners were Nic Goeders – first and Dane Higgins – second. Win­ners in each den were: Den 1 – Russell Meredith, Den 2 – Dane Higgins, Den 3 – Josh Bene­dict, Den 4 – Nic Goeders, Den 5 Travis Bailey. . .Alfred and Agnes Braun to celebrate 25th wedding anniversary Nov. 27.

.Pvt. Sharon R. Donaldson, daughter of Oscar and Donna Donaldson, completed basic training at Fort Dix, NJ. . .Sat­urday evening a farewell party was held for Scott Lindahl who is leaving with his family for Florida for several months. The affair was held at the Ivan Los­ing home with Lori Losing and Keryl Roberts as hostesses. .

Pictured are Leon Newell, Virginia Ellingson and Wally Meidinger, MDU personnel, with Joe Johnston from the U.S. Weather Bureau with a plaque pre­sented to them for 50 years of weather observa­tion. He also pre­sented Mr. and Mrs. Frank Birtic with a 30 year pin for observing and recording weather conditions.

50 YEARS AGO Thursday, November 22, 1973 —

Vance Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Llewell Johnson, was named a winning recipient of a $100 cash award from the Hey­wood Foundation Sheep Award Fund this month. . .Approxi­mately 80 senior citizens were guests of the Baker Jaycees and Jayceens Nov. 18 for a dinner at the Legion Hall. The dinner is given yearly as a gesture of ap­preciation to the senior citizens as their part in the Jaycees’ “Toys For Tots” program. . .A one car accident occurred Mon­day morning on the highway one mile south of the Wibaux- Fallon County line. The driver of the car, Tony Gawryluk, es­caped serious injury. Cause of the accident was icy road con­ditions.

60 YEARS AGO Thursday, November 21, 1963 —

Tons of equipment are being installed for the new dial tele­phone system in Baker. . .Dr. S. A. Weeks, state representative; Glenn Rugg, chairman of the Fallon County Republican Cen­tral Committee; their wives; and Wallace McCrum of the Baker High School staff attend­ed the GOP biennial conference in Bozeman, Nov. 15-16. . .Fred Morrow, chairman of the Fallon County Fair Board, met with representatives of fair boards in the AAA circuit in Miles City Sunday. Others who attended from Fallon County were fair board members Gene Hoff and Earl Hoke. . .Work started on the studio of the Baker radio station Monday morning with Herbst Construction Company general contractor in charge. . .Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jensen and Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Barkley attended the annual meeting of the Montana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts held in Great Falls last week.

70 YEARS AGO Thursday, November 19, 1953 —

Only quick thinking and he­roic action by six year old Cart­er Schye saved his two year old brother from death by drown­ing in a 20 foot deep cesspool Sunday at Lindsay. He grabbed his brother’s wrists and held him while frantically calling to his parents for help. . .At the annual meeting last Friday, the Fallon County organization of the Farmers Union elected as its president Pat Plummer. . .The third pouring of cement will start tomorrow or Satur­day, according to the pool proj­ect’s steering committee. . .Tax collection in Fallon County is $20,000 over the amount col­lected last year at this time, announces treasurer Teresa Stark.

80 YEARS AGO Thursday, November 25, 1943 —

Boy Scouts collected approxi­mately one ton of waste paper Saturday. . .Leslie Walker, Re­cruiting Specialist First Class, and Miss Dorothy Webb, Sea­man First Class, will be in Bak­er Dec. 6. . .Terrence and Colin Cameron left Butte Thursday evening for San Diego to begin their basic training in the Unit­ed States Marine Corps. . .They may be a little late in arriving, but Montanans will have new automobile license plates in 1944. . .The American people are a little confused. They can­not under­stand a national price policy for crude oil which dis­courages prospecting for new oil in the face of a growing gas­oline and fuel oil shortage, and stricter rationing.

90 YEARS AGO Thursday, November 23, 1933 —

Fred Hasty will begin his du­ties Dec. 1 as mail carrier of the local mail from the depot to the post office and vice versa, hav­ing been awarded the contract from the government as the lowest bidder. . .Virginia Bak­er, Orlynn Burns, Ila McClain and Ruth Pleissner were initi­ated into the Baker Order of Rainbow Wednesday. . .It was a fine surprise for Baker The­atergoers to see Jack Westrope, world famous jockey, in the newsreels Saturday and Sun­day. Jackie got his start riding over the sage-dotted prairie at Willard and his first racing ex­periences at the Fallon County Fair. . .Teachers of the Willard and Lunder Schools will give a benefit dance at Willard Hall Nov. 25 to raise money to buy supplies for the schools. . .Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson, Willard, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary Tuesday. . .At a meeting taking place at the Schneider Studio, a Young Democrats organization was started by a committee of sev­en. Three of the committee, Mel Schneider, Cliff Cate and Sig Selden have been appoint­ed to the Fallon County Central Committee.

100 YEARS AGO Thursday, November 22, 1923 —

Fallon county people were shocked Friday to learn that an­other life had been lost in one of the coal mines, the victim this time being Axel Lindquist of the Willard community. . .Al­bert Fost of Willard won second place in the state corn show in Miles City for 26 ears of white flint. Mrs. George McHoes won third for popcorn and Fred An­derson second for flour corn. . .Miss Helen Morris and Miss Audrey Young left Wednesday for Miles City where they will visit a couple of days before going to Bozeman where they will attend the Vocational Con­ference. . .George Brenzel of Webster spent the weekend in Baker, visiting with the Ameri­can Legion boys and taking in all the excitement on Armistice day. . .A ten pound baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gunder Gunderson Nov. 19. . .Jack Baker and Aurora Parent were married Monday at Ekalaka . .J. L. Barstow re­turned from Rochester, MN, where he spent a few months looking after real estate busi­ness deals. Mr. Barstow tells us that conditions in Montana are better than those in Min­nesota, as the high land prices and the rent there is more than the farmers can raise. . .Dick Traweek and Ole Peter­son turned over a truck on the 101 ranch road Saturday. The truck was loaded with flax, nei­ther they nor the car was hurt. . .George E. Hough writes from Inglewood, CA, where he and his family located to spend the winter, that the surroundings are likable but that the dry spell they have should be relieved soon by rain. . .Mr. and Mrs. George Colbo spent Monday in Baker on business. Mr. Colbo is one of the hog raisers of Fallon County and will ship a carload of porkers next week. . .Mr. and Mrs. Vern Kreager, are the proud parents of a baby girl born Nov. 9. . .The rabbit hunt, which came off as scheduled last Saturday, the two sides brought in a total of 1,756 rab­bits with 824 for the losers and 932 for the winners. The losers will entertain the winners at an oyster stew on Nov. 23.

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