10 YEARS AGO Friday, August 9, 2013 —

Alain Jacobsen, a 2012 Baker High School graduate, was lucky enough to live in Paris, France this summer. Alain, son of Mark and Isabelle, is attending George Mason University in Fair­fax, VA. Through the university’s intensive language program, he took the opportunity for a summer French language study at the Al­liance Francaise in Paris. . .Picture: Construction of the concrete sub­surface at Triangle Park to prepare for the installation of the new play­ground surfacing. . .Darby Betten­hausen attended the Kermit and Kathleen Schwanke Honors Institute for High School Students, a di­vision of the Davidson Honors Col­lege Program at the University of Montana in Missoula. She is the daughter of Shane and Carole Bet­tenhausen of Baker and will be a senior at Baker High School this fall. While at the institute Darby chose to study creative writing.

20 YEARS AGO Friday, August 8, 2003 —

The world famous Budweiser Clydes­dales will arrive in Baker Aug. 10 at noon. The Clydesdales will make an appearance in downtown Baker. . .According to Tim Ras­mussen, spokesman for Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Company, the Grasslands Pipeline Project is set to start. This project is the largest natural gas pipeline project in the United States this year. The 16 inch pipeline will start 14 miles north of Gillette, WY and stretch 247 miles through Carter, Fallon and southern Wibaux Counties, ending at the Northern Border Pipeline near Manning, ND. Ras­mussen said two crews of approxi­mately 275 men will start at each end of the pipeline and work to­wards the middle which will be somewhere in the Fallon County area. . .Gary Wade was recently se­lected as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana director of sales, responsible for attaining cor­porate sales goals. . .July 24- 28, Everett and Phyllis Knipp were surprised on their 50th wedding an­niversary with a family reunion in South Dakota. They celebrated with 63 members of their family.

30 YEARS AGO Thursday, August 12, 1993 —

The board of directors of Fallon

Medical Complex accepted the res­ignation of Dr. Marek Skoskiewicz, general surgeon on staff. Skoskiewicz will be leaving Oct. 4. . .Fallon County Times is now under new ownership which be­came effective Aug. 2. Dickson Media, Inc., a Virginia based cor­poration, is the new owner. . .Third annual Lakeview Triathlon Cancer Care Golf Tournament held July 25. After all expenses were paid, a grand total of $3,916.10 was collected, which is the largest donation yet. Gary Stevens introduced this tournament three years ago with the hope it would become something exciting and worthwhile in years to come. . .Samantha Meggers and her father Roger flew to Tennessee for Samantha to compete in the National Junior Olympic swim meet. She competed in nine events in three days. . .Bert Hudson celebrated his 90th birthday at the Senior Center. . .Fallon County Fair to be held Aug. 19-22. This year’s entertainment will feature Baillie & The Boys, Aug. 21; and Confederate Railroad, Aug. 22.

40 YEARS AGO Thursday, August 11, 1983 —

Since the completion of several areas of Baker Lake this year, it is the most popular place in Baker. There is still lots of dredging on the north and east sides of the lake, but for now it sure is a fun place to spend an afternoon

or weekend. . .School board announces that a crosswalk guard for Washington School has been hired. Garth Knudsvig was hired through the Green Thumb Program and will be paid through the state. . .There is still a reward being offered for the Chamber of Commerce “Tagged Fish” living in Baker Lake. The fish is worth $100 but must be taken to a member of the Chamber while still fresh to receive the money. . .Plevna and Baker School to open Aug. 23. . .Roy Clark will be the entertainment at the Sunday night show and Williams and Ree will entertain Saturday night during this year’s fair.

50 YEARS AGO Thursday, August 9, 1973 —

Sixteen members of the newly or­ganized swim team representing Baker will be traveling to Sidney to participate in the State Swim Meet. Also participating will be Louetta Straub of the Baker diving team. Those going are Bev Breitbach, Rena Alexander, DeeDee Kenitzer, Wayne Martin, Brenda Knipp, Vicki Wood, Susie Schell, Karen Kusler, Mary Breitbach, John Teague, Saundra Knipp, Maggie Hoke, Barbara Mahon, Terri An­derson, Merri Lee Flor, Pam Novak, John Miller, Kevin Miller, Ward Anderson, Gary Wade, Tim Barone, Dennis and Patti Randash, Terry Cameron and Marcella Gun­derson. . .Aug. 2 the local MDU office held an open house to show off their newly remodeled office. . .Baker Jaycees are sponsoring a beauty contest with four of our local lovelies making the finals. These gals will be pictured on money containers placed at the businesses in Baker. Whichever one you feel is the real “knock out”, you may cast your ballot by dropping your money in the appro­priate container. Votes will be a penny each.

60 YEARS AGO Thursday, August 8, 1963 —

The winter wheat harvest is practically over, according to the Baker elevator, with an average yield of about 25 bushels per acre. For the first time in many years, the supply of box cars has been adequate. . .Fall Festival plans are underway by the Chamber of Commerce and is set for Sept. 28. Those on the committee in charge will be Gerald Martin, Robert Anderson and E. L. Samsel. . .Driver’s Licenses raised to $4.00 from $3.00. . .Some of the best farms are hit by a severe hail storm July 30. Hail damage was estimated from 30-90 percent of the crops. . .Keith Rugg of Ismay, Jerry Anderson and Don Hogue of Plevna narrowly escape serious injury when the car driven by Anderson missed the detour around the construction of a new bridge on Grand River near Buffalo.

70 YEARS AGO Thursday, August 6, 1953 —

Ef­fective Aug. 1, Tom Overton be­came the sole owner of the Baker Drug located in the theatre building on Main Street. . .Drilling of the new well to augment the city water supply began today, according to Mayor Morrow. The new well, which will be 600 feet deep, will be cased with eight inch pipe. . .Rust conditions may be serious. If the first reports of rust prevail throughout the county, the wheat yield could be cut 50 percent, according to Roy McClain, manager of the Farmers Elevator. . .Motorists using the streets of Baker will be governed by a new set of traffic rules when city ordinance becomes effective Sept. 1. . .Citizens urged to give blood by Mrs. James Bruce, Red Cross Bloodmobile recruitment chairman for Fallon County.

80 YEARS AGO Thursday, August 12, 1943 —

Fallon County War Fund quota set for $229,900. . .Paul Pearson and Chas. Smola returned Friday from Butte where they had been called by the draft and both passed their physical exams. . .Another bad hail storm cleaned out the area that es­caped the last hail storm. Thousands of acres of grain were destroyed and many tons of hay disappeared – no one knows where. The hail fell in great jagged pieces and the rain came in as great a force from an opposite direction. . .Walter O’Connor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Neil O’Connor of Medicine Rocks, died Tuesday afternoon from injuries sustained Monday in an unavoidable accident.

90 YEARS AGO Thursday, August 10, 1933 —

A very ambitious thief broke into the Burns Bros. Garage Wednesday by forcing the rear door open and stole a new 1933 Chevy Coupe, $32 cash, the gas keys and locked the gas pumps. The car was a desert sand color, black fenders and red wheels. . .Counties will sell liquor when 36 states ratify. With every state that votes to repeal the 18th amendment, Montana’s general liquor law, passed by the legisla­ture and inoperative until national prohibition is repealed, takes on a bit more the look of reality and life, it is reported in Helena. . .Cash ad­justment payments, which might be made this year to wheat growers in Fallon County if all the wheat growers decide to participate in the Agricultural Adjustment Program of Production, would total about $125,000. The payments of 38-39 cents a bushel for this year’s crop will be made on the domestic allot­ment quotas of the individual farm­ers who come in on the plan.

100 YEARS AGO Thursday, August 9, 1923 —

Warren G. Harding, president of the United States, died instantaneously and without warning Aug. 2, at 7:30 o’clock, a victim of a stroke of apoplexy, which struck him down in his weakened condition, after an illness of exactly a week. With the passing of Mr. Harding, the office of President devolves upon Calvin Coolidge, vice president of the United States. . .The American Legion and the National Guard will sponsor a Community Harding Memorial Service to be held in the Lake Theatre Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. Hon. Senator C. C. Conser has consented to deliver the Commemoration address. . .Leon LaCross and family left Sunday for Devils Lake, ND, where they will spend several weeks visiting and having a good time. . .Dr. W. H. Young and family returned Wednesday from Minot, ND where they have been visiting relatives for the past week or more. . .Mr. and Mrs. Oakley James and children returned last Wednesday from Cameron, WI, where they went several months ago to make their home. After looking around and getting acquainted with the conditions there, Mr. James made up his mind to return to good old Montana where it 1s easier to make a living. . .Mr. George Polyhronopoulous of Plevna this week applied to the Clerk of Court for his first citizenship papers. The deputy in the clerk’s office being away on a vacation, the clerk had to handle this one himself, and at last reports, he had the name entered correctly but was still trying by all modern methods to pronounce it. . .Miss Hazel Stark came down from Golva Saturday for a couple of weeks’ visit with home folks. . .Ed Meffert has his new house partly finished but is busy heading grain at the present time. . .Mrs. Al Selle of Miles City is spending a few months at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Norman. . .Geo. Schettler and L. Richmond arrived here Thursday after touring through several of the western states and Yellowstone park. The former expects to return soon to Billings where he will be employed in a garage and the latter is working at the R. C. Norman farm. . .Charles Joseph Jolly died at the Methodist Deaconess Hospital in Rapid City at 1:30 o’clock yesterday afternoon, July 23. . .Mrs. R. S. Johnson and children returned Sunday from a several weeks’ visit with her mother and sister in Chicago.

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